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Lean Manufacturing signs.

At MK Marking Systems we have extensive experience in providing all types of signs, graphics and bespoke holders to support your Lean manufacturing process, including:

  • Tool stations, Cleaning stations, Shadow boards, 5s Visual management and performance boards
  • Health and safety compliance boards, Factory entrance and PPE stations.

5s Visual Management
- Defining each S


Assess your area and declutter/organise and act, use signage to visualise your process and educate your workforce sort tasks into colour coded easily recognisable groups

Set in order

Bespoke tool shadow boards follow the key Lean 5s principal of organising your workplace (Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardise and Sustain). Shadow boards Set in order and highlight missing tools and equipment and allow location of required tools within seconds.

They can be supplied on mobile frames or for permanent fixing, all boards are custom made to ensure your exact requirements can be catered for.


Visual management and performance boards allow you to declutter your work place keeping machinery and equipment in good order (Shine) - boards or graphics can be created utilizing a vast array of solutions with accessories to suit your needs. They can be magnetic, have dry wipe surfaces incorporate document holders or bespoke hangers and can also include printed wall graphics to maximise visual appearance.


This is where the first three Ss are set into a continuing habit - use signage and standardized the layout and colour schemes of all your important health and safety notices. Compliance with Health & Safety is an important part of lean manufacturing we can manufacture bespoke solutions to keep your work area clean and tidy and display all your essential information.


Factory Entrances are ideal to communicate to your workforce and can demonstrate your lean manufacturing policy to everyone as they enter your site. It can act as a continual reminder to all to ensure your process are sustained and become workplace culture.

Perhaps you know exactly what you need, alternatively, we will be happy to advise both new and returning customers who require some extra help with finding the perfect product for their requirements. We can deliver or install our products to commercial customers throughout Milton Keynes and further afield.
Call or email our friendly team today to discuss your requirements.

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